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 The Reiker Fans are completely sold out! There are none in production at this time.

The superior design of this ceiling fan heater delivers highly energy efficient one room heating, or with multiple units can be used as an entire whole home heating system.

The design of this ceiling mounted heater fan puts the wasted warm air at your ceiling to work, pushing it down toward the floor. It then circulates the air, filtering, heating and reheating it, distributing it evenly around the room.

Use the remote control ceiling fan as an efficient room heating device, or place a ceiling fan mounted heater in each room of your living space and enjoy a comfortable home heating system with the energy efficiency of zone heating.

No other home heating system maintains a consistent temperature from ceiling to floor like the Reiker remote control ceiling fan. It distributes the heated air throughout the room with no harsh heat or drafts, creating uniform temperatures throughout. It also cools during the summer just like a ceiling fan.

Reiker Innovation

The Reiker Room Conditioner works with a computer-controlled transmitter that senses the actual room temperature, checking it every three minutes and turning on or off one of the four heating elements as needed to maintain the exact room temperature desired. The ideal temperature is maintained using just one-quarter the power output of a single space heater. The remote thermostat controls the heating function, ceiling fan function and lighting fixture.
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Reiker Specifications
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The Reiker Story

The Reiker Room Conditioner is the ideal energy saving product for heating your home, office, condo or mobile home. No more cold garages or basements.