About Us

The Superfan Corp has acquired manufacturing and distribution rights for the Reiker Room Conditioner Ceiling Fan Heaters. Sales of the Reiker Room Conditioners have been in limbo over the last couple of years due to a legal dispute. Although we were not a party to the dispute, we can say that we played a critical role in bringing these unique ceiling fan heaters back to the marketplace. This is a very unique product that solves an everyday problem that many of us experience.

We currently purchased all remaining stock of the Reiker Ceiling fan heaters. Costs for manufacturing have gone up significantly and at this time, all Reiker fans are sold out and there are none in production.

If you’ve purchased a Reiker Room Conditioner, prior to November 2013, and need replacement parts, give us a call, we will make every attempt to help you.

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The Superfan Corp.

29021 Ave Sherman STE 103
Valencia, CA 91355
Direct: 1-661-775-5979
Via E-mail: info@fanheatlight.com