Compare Reiker To Space Heaters

The World’s Smartest Ceiling Fan Heater – Saves Your Hard Earned Cash!

When comparing the efficiencies and benefits of the Reiker room conditioner to a portable electric room or space heater, Reiker is the choice that savvy consumers make.

Reiker Saves You Money:

A small electric space heater typically uses 1500 watts of power. A Reiker will initially use about the same amount of electricity. However, as the room warms up, the Reiker will begin to automatically turn off the additional heating elements, reducing power consumption. Once a room is “seasoned” and at the temperature level set on the thermostat remote control, the Reiker will reduce power consumption to approximately 500 watts of power while at the same time maintaining the same temperature levels throughout the room.

Return on investment. Smart consumers know the savings that the Reiker will bring them and ultimately pay for itself through its energy efficient operation.

Reiker Heats A Larger Area:

Depending on insulation values of the room that is being heated, a small electric heater will effectively heat a very small area, sometimes just the area directly in front of where the heater is, or in the most optimal conditions no more than a hundred or so square feet of area directly in front of the heater.

The Reiker will efficiently and effectively heat a 20 foot by 20 foot room with 10 foot ceilings, a 400 sq. feet of area, or a whopping 4000 cubic feet of space. The Reiker does this by taking advantage of heating then moving the room air with its fan blades. As the warm air moves above the heating elements on the Reiker, the air is pushed upwards and across the ceiling, down the walls and rises back up towards the fan back into circulation whereby the process repeats itself. As this warm air is circulated around the room, it warms the room air, windows, furniture and most importantly you.

It would be impossible for a small electric room heater to effectively heat such a large area.

Reiker is Kid And Pet Friendly:

Unlike a lot of electric heaters, the Reiker is kid and pet friendly. There is absolutely no need to worry about your loved ones touching a hot heating element, as the Reiker is mounted on the ceiling away from curious pets and children.

Reiker Can Be Used Year Round:

During warmer summer months, the Reiker room conditioner is also a ceiling fan that operates at a very efficient energy saving rate of about 1 cent per hour (based on an 8 cent per kwh cost, national average).

You may have seen the other brand of ceiling fan heater in the marketplace, what are the differences?

The Reiker exhausts its warm air up above the fan blades, the other fan blows hot air down. As proven in the Department of Energy testing, the Reiker fan warms the entire room evenly from top to bottom, even the windows.

The Reiker is thermostatically controlled, warming and maintaining the temperature in the room as you set it on the remote control.

The Reiker has four heating elements that turn on/off automatically – saving you money.