Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has the Reiker Been Around?

    The Reiker Room Conditioner was invented by Ken Reiker in 2001, it made its debut into the marketplace in 2003.

  • Will the heat from the Reiker Burn My Ceiling?

    Of course not!  The Reiker has undergone extensive testing for safety and is listed with Underwriters Laboratory.

  • What voltage is this fan?

    The Reiker works with standard household electricity of 120 VAC.  At maximum heating with 4 elements on it will draw 12.5 amps.

  • You say this is a SMART ceiling fan heater, why?

    The remote control actually doubles as a thermostat for the fan.  Once you’ve set your desired temperature, and as the room warms up the fan knows when to turn off heating elements to save energy.  If the room gets to the temperature you set the fan will automatically turn off all heating elements until needed again.

  • Can I use the Reiker Outside on my Patio?

    No, the Reiker was designed for use indoors, or in rooms that are insulated, like a summer room.  It will NOT work for open areas outdoors.

  • Can I use the Reiker outdoors?

    Again – just so we drill this home – Negative!  The Reiker is NOT to be used outdoors. The Reiker fan has to be installed in an insulated enclosed room to heat.

  • What is the biggest sized room the Reiker will heat?

    The Reiker will effectively warm up to a 20′ x 20′ with 10′ ceilings, or about 400 sq. feet of space. The smaller the room, the more effective the Reiker will be.

  • Can the fan be used in the summer months as a regular fan for cooling without using the heat part of the fan?


  • Is this ceiling fan with light kit suitable for use on my covered outdoor patio?  Is it damp rated?

    No, the Reiker room conditioner is not rated for the outdoors. We do not have a ceiling fan with heater for the outdoors

  • What gauge wire is required for this and does it need to be wired with 2 3 or 4 wires?

    The Reiker room conditioner has to be wired to a 15 amp circuit and uses 3 standard wires like a regular ceiling fan.

  • Does the fan always stay on in order for the heater to work or does the fan turn on with the heater when needed?

    The fan will run in reverse when in heat mode to circulate the heat in the room. The heater has four heating elements so if you set the thermostat on the remote control the heating elements will go on or off to keep the desired temperature. The impeller in the head of the fan remains on constantly while in heating mode.

  • Where can I get replacement remote?

    You can order a replacement remote control from us and we will ship it to you.

  • Is there a  cap so that I can use the fanheating unit only the room has enough lighting?

    No, all of the Reiker room conditioners have the light kit.

  • Is this fan outdoor rated?  If not do you have any Ceiling fan heater combo that is outdoor rated?

    No, the Reiker room conditioner is not rated for the outdoors. We do not have a ceiling fan with heater for the outdoors

  • With the flat mount how much room will there be between ceiling and blades?

    When the Reiker Room conditioner is flush mounted there would be 9 inches of clearance between the ceiling and the blades.

  • How many speeds is the fan? Is the fan 110 or 220?

    The Reiker Room Conditioner is 3 speed 120 VAC.

  • I need 2 fans. Would one remote control work for both or are they different frequency?

    Yes, you would just set the dip switches on the remote

  • What is the highest BTU heater fan available?

    The output on all Reiker Room Conditioners is just under 5,000 BTU’s.

  • Can this fan be flush mounted?


  • Can I mount this heater fan with a down rod onto a cathedral ceiling?

    Yes. The maximum downrod length you can use is 24″, any longer and the fans heating functions beome ineffective.

  • Is the Reiker Room Conditioner UL listed?

    Yes. The Reiker Team went to great lengths to build the highest quality and safest product on the market today. The engineers at UL were amazed at the attention to detail that went into the product.

  • Can I install my Reiker Fan outside on a covered porch?

    NO! Reiker Room Conditioning Fans are designed for indoor uses only.

  • How many fans do I need for my living room?

    Reiker Room Conditioning Fans works best in a room with 4 walls that is 20’ by 20’ with a 10’ ceiling or smaller. If your room is bigger or open, it might takes longer to heat up the room.

  • How do I use the Room Conditioner to heat my room?

    Push in the Heat Button on the remote control, select your desired room temperature, and let the Reiker Energy Freedom Room Conditioner do the rest. It’s that easy.

  • I hear a scratching or scraping, is the fan defective?

    No, please make sure no excess wires are pushed into the units. This noise might be a result of the wires scraping against the impeller motor. (For Models RRC120001 – RRC120004).

  • My room is still cold after turning the unit on? Is the heating function defective?

    Time needed to heat up a room varies – it depends on the size of the room and actual room temperature. The Reiker is effective in rooms no larger than 20′ x 20′ x 10′, with four insulated walls.

  • My fans turn on/off by itself?

    This might be a result of frequency interference by other devices; such as other remote controlled fan (not limited to Reiker fans), garage door opener, security alarm…etc. In this case, we suggest resetting the dipswitches.

  • How reliable is the Reiker Room Conditioner?

    Reiker went to Switzerland to purchase the key component to the system, the impeller. They build this component to last over 50,000 hours of continuous running. The Reiker fan motor is very high capacity and very reliable.

  • How do I convert the Room Conditioner back to a normal fan in the summer?

    You simply choose the FAN button on the remote control and adjust the speed to your liking.

  • Got More Questions?

    Email Us or call M-F from 7 am – 5 pm PST – Toll Free: 1-661-775-5979