How The Reiker Room Conditioner Works

The Reiker Room Conditioner revolutionizes the way you heat and cool your living space. In the winter it is a remote controlled space heater. It filters, then heats a room evenly, top to bottom. Plus it still cools like a ceiling fan all summer long. Because the Reiker ceiling fan heater is super efficient, costing only pennies to run compared to other room heating methods, you’ll pay less to heat your home or office!

Superior design delivers highly energy efficient one room heating or home heating system.The design of this ceiling mounted heater puts the wasted warm air at your ceiling to work, pushing it down toward the floor. It then circulates the air, filtering, heating and reheating it, distributing it evenly around the room.


Use the remote control ceiling fan as an efficient room heating device, or place a ceiling mounted heater in each room of your living space and enjoy a comfortable home heating system with the energy efficiency of zone heating.evenlyheatsroom

Unlike other space heaters of similar size, the Reiker heats and warms the entire living area.


Warm air is pulled into the heating chamber of the fan via a impeller motor.


Within 12 seconds, the heating elements warms the air to 230 degrees.  Warm air is exhausted through the heating elements and into the living space.


As the room warms up, heating elements turn off.  The remote control samples room temperature every 3 minutes, and will automatically maintain your optimum temperature by  turning on/off heating elements as needed.