Learn About The Reiker Fan

The Reiker Room Conditioner can be used year round. In the summer and spring to cool and in the fall and winter to heat. It’s a fan, a heater and a light all wrapped up into one sleek aerodynamically designed package.


Reiker Room Conditioner Brushed Nickel Finish

(Reiker Room Conditioner Brushed Steel Finish)

The Reiker Room Conditioner motor is a high performance 188 x 18 ceiling fan motor. No shortcuts were taken when it comes to quality. All Reiker motors are pre-run and electronic components are burned in for 12 hours.




High Quality Fan Motor

The fan itself has three speeds, high/medium/low, is fully reversible and comes with 54- or 52-inch aerodynamic, 14-degree pitch fan blades. The specially die cast blade arms are weighed and matched to eliminate wobble.





The impeller is built to last over 50,000 hours of continuous running and is made in Switzerland. The distribution fan motor is the largest and best available in the ceiling fan industry and carries a lifetime warranty.




Reiker Remote Control

The Reiker remote control is simple to operate, simply push the power button, push the heat button, set the desired temperature and let the the Reiker Room Conditioner do the rest.









The light on the Reiker is a 30 watt fluorescent bulb. Not only are these lights as bright as a 150 watt standard light bulb, and will last longer than most incandescent light bulbs at a fraction of the energy cost.






3 Wire Wiring

The Reiker uses the same standard 3 wire used for ceiling fans and light fixtures. A hot wire, a neutral wire, and a ground wire. The fan support should be a UL approved ceiling fan support. If you are not familiar with electrical wiring we strongly suggest you contact a licensed electrician to wire the fan. On high the fan uses approximately 12.5 amps of power.