Problems The Reiker Room Conditioner Solves

The Problem With Centrally Located Thermostats:

Problem With Centrally Located ThermostatsWith your current central heating system you blow heat in and it is wasted. The thermostat regulates the temperature in one room, therefore making that room comfortable and the others less than desirable. Your current central thermostat blows hot air into the house until it reaches the desired temperature and then cuts off.

Now all of the heat you paid for rises and dissipates. This constant correction of temperature will make your house too hot and then too cold.




With the new technology in the Reiker Room Conditioner’s thermostat it allows you to have even temperatures throughout your room for less cost to you. As the room heats up it uses less and less energy to maintain your desired temperature. The Reiker Room Conditioner is a major energy saver. The remote control acts as the units thermostat and electronically signals the fans heating elements when to turn the heating elements in the fan up/down. Ultimately, the room warms up and on average the fan will use approximately 500 watts of power.



The Solution For Cold Windows:

Solution For Cold WindowsCurrent heating systems do nothing to warm the windows in a room. Cold windows are unpleasant to sit by.

The Reiker Room Conditioner is the first heating system ever to warm up the windows. The heated molecules are constantly stroking the window making it pleasant to sit by.




The Problem With Ducted Heating Systems:

Problem With Ducted Heating

The problem with your current duct system is that the air is constantly forced to make 90-degree turns. Thus the roomsfarther away from the furnace are cold.





Totally DuctlessThe Reiker Room Conditioner is totally ductless. Now you can enjoy even temperatures throughout your room with no hot or cold spots, and totally avoid any mold or mildew.






The Problem With Heat Is That It Rises – Generally, Heating Your Ceiling & Not Your Room

Problem With Heating A Room - Heat Rises
Early man and even with the invention of the Ben Franklin stove, man has always known that heat rises.






Reiker Draws Wasted Hot Air From Ceiling

The Reiker Room Conditioner draws wasted hot air off the ceiling, heats and reheats it, and redistributes it throughout the room creating even temperatures in the room.






Solutions To Hot & Cold Spots In Your Living Space

Hot And Cold Spots In Living Area

Inefficient duct systems create hot and cold spots throughout a home. This will make the rooms closest to the furnace hot and rooms further away cold. Ductwork is also a haven for mold and mildew.





The Problem Hot And Cold Spots In Your Living Room
With the Reiker Room Conditioner you only need to heat the rooms that you want heated. You can heat each individual room to your desired temperature and enjoy even temperatures throughout the room.