The Reiker Story

The Reiker Room Conditioner was invented and patented by Ken Reiker (1944 – 2007).reikerstory2

Mr Reiker by all means was an American Inventor and philanthropist. During his lifetime Ken was responsible for and successful in patenting more than 50 products!

One of Mr Reiker’s inventions, the Superfan Brace – became the standard mount for ceiling fan across the United States. In 1989, Mr Reiker celebrated production of over one million ceiling fan braces. (You can read the full news article here).


Ken knew there was a better way to effectively and efficiently heat a room. He set out on a mission and ultimately accomplished his goal.

In 2001, Mr. Reiker was awarded 4 different patents for his design of the Reiker Room Conditioner.  Two years later in 2003, the first Reiker Room Conditioner appeared in the marketplace.

The Reiker Room Conditioner is a revolutionary product in all senses.  It is the only ceiling fan heater with a active thermostatic remote control that monitors and adjusts heating elements according to room temperature.   The fan motors are heavy duty and the guts behind the fan, the impeller that pulls air into the ceiling was designed for over 50,000 hours of continuous use.

Ken Reiker Announces The Reiker Room Conditioner To The World, 2003:


Man has always known that heat rises to a room’s ceiling. Surprisingly, the answer to the high cost of heating and enjoying better control and comfort has been over our heads all along. This new invention, the Reiker Room Conditioner is the latest technology that draws the wasted warm air off the ceiling of a room and into a reheating and redistribution chamber. Thus, making those cold rooms in your home the most comfortable.

This amazing feat is accomplished by using an extremely high tech, Swiss made, impeller motor that draws an amazing 240 cubic feet of wasted air off the ceiling per minute. Then the wasted air travels through a tandem set of ceramic heating elements. This heating system is so efficient that it has no flame or glow and reaches its maximum temperature of 230 degrees in only twelve seconds. A powerful second fan pushes the heated air upward toward the ceiling, down the walls, then upward to be reheated. Thus the room now has even temperatures from floor to ceiling without the discomfort of hot or cold spots in the room. Every three minutes the remote control and receiver achieves then maintains the occupants exact desired room temperature by automatically reducing its power output in order to use the least amount of energy to heat a given room.

Since ductwork in our homes has proven to be 50% inefficient the Room Conditioner is completely ductless. Based on the national average cost of electricity it costs as little as five cents per hour to run in the winter and less than one cent per hour when used like a ceiling fan in the summer.

In collaboration with the United States Department of Energy Building Technology Center, the unit was tested in a climatic controlled simulator with outside temperatures as low as zero degrees. After weeks of testing it was declared the first product ever designed to break up stratification and create even temperatures from floor to ceiling. During testing it was also found to heat up cold interior window glass. The computerized remote control and receiver senses the room temperature, cuts off heating elements in order to use the least amount of energy to heat the room to a desired temperature. Additional energy saving comes form heating only the room you most often use. Walking into a room with even heat throughout is an experience you have never enjoyed before. Now, homeowners do not have to be miserable to be energy efficient 365 days a year. It only makes common sense to use the wasted warm risen air off the ceiling, reheat and recirculate it, and never allow it to cool off.