Troubleshooting Your Reiker

Troubleshooting The Reiker Room Conditioner

Reiker Room Conditioner Fans do not work with dimmer switches, or solid state switches/wiring.

The on/off SWITCH on the wall must be at least a 15amp on/off switch.

Ensure the Reiker’s light kit is attached to the Reiker Conditioner as the antenna for RF remote control is housed there (Applicable For Models RRC120001 – RRC120004 Models).

The Reiker Room Conditioner Will Not Heat:

Check fan when in heat mode. Please turn off the unit, get on a step ladder or stool and carefully, hold the blades from spinning, put the unit in heat mode, wait 12 seconds, feel the exhaust ports. If you feel warm air the heating element is working. If you do not feel warm air:

1. Check and clean the filter on top of the fan. If the filter becomes blocked or clogged the heating efficiency will become diminished. Watch video below on how to clean the filter elements:

If the Fan Will Not Start:

Please Note: when powering the fan on – at the light switch, a relay engages in the unit (which emits a clicking sound). You should hear this “click” – if you do not, turn the switch off and check the main branch circuit, fuses or breakers. Reset the breakers, return to the wall switch and turn it on.

You should hear the clicking sound. If you do not – completely turn off the power at the source, and re-check the connection at the fan for proper wiring. Repeat turning the light switch on listening for the “clicking” sound.

1. Check main and branch circuit fuses or breakers.

2. Check line wire connection to the fan. CAUTION: Make sure main power is off.

3. Should the circuit breaker trip after resetting consult with your electrician regarding adequate circuit protection. At peak heating with 4 elements on, the Reiker will draw 12.5 amps of power.

4. Make sure that you do not have more than a 30 watt CFL bulb in the unit. Recommended bulb is a 14-watt Compact Fluorescent).

5. Check batteries in the transmitter. Does the liquid crystal display (LCD) illuminate and is the battery low light off? Are you standing close enough to the fan (within 20′ of the fan)?

6. Are the dip switches Properly configured?

Resetting The Dip Switches:

1. In order to change the code in your Room Conditioner you must have the power on.

2. Next turn the power off at the wall while the remote power is still on.

3. Then change the settings of the dip switches in the transmitter located near the batteries. This should be done with a a small pointed object.


4. Next turn the power on at the wall and within 30 seconds, press the small button next to the dip switches. This should be done with a small pointed object.

5. The LCD will show the number 5 which will decrease down to 1 and the light on the Room Conditioner will flash.  Once you’ve seen the light flash the new code will have been set. If you do not see the light flash – please repeat the process.

Your Reiker Room Conditioner Starts Or Stops Suddenly?

If the Reiker starts or stops suddenly, or if the light turns on by itself – this may be a sign of RF interference. We recommend changing the dip switch settings to avoid interference with other devices in your home (anything that operates with a RF remote control).

The Fan sounds noisy?

1. Make sure the Room Conditioner power supply wires have not been pushed into the inside of the Room Conditioner. This will create a scratching sound due to the wires rubbing against the impeller motor.

2. Make sure all motor housing screws are snug.

3. All a 24-hour break-in period. Most noises associated with a new fan disappear during this break-in period.

4. If using the Room Conditioner light kit make sure the final screw securing the globe is tight. Check that the light bulbs are also secure.

5. Make sure the canopy is a short distance from the ceiling. It should not touch the ceiling.

6. Make sure your ceiling box is secure and rubber insulator pads were used between the mounting plate and ceiling box.


You turn your light switch on and the fan is stuck in a function that cannot be controlled with the remote control, i.e. light on, heat on, light/heat/fan on.   This 99% of the time indicates your remote control is not sending a signal to the fan – and your fan is retaining the last settings it received from the remote control.


Ensure that your switch is rated at 15 amps and that you do not have the fan on a dimmer/slider, speed control or are using a solid state switch.

Put a fresh set of batteries in your remote control.   Put a new set of batteries in the remote control and reset the remote/fan.   To reset the remote do the following:

Turn light switch off.  Turn light switch on – you should hear a clinking sound, this is a good sign as it is the fan saying I have received power.

Immediately after hearing the click, while standing next to your fan, hit the reset button on the remote control.

The remote will countdown on the LCD display.  You should see the light flash on the fan.  The flashing light on the fan indicates the remote reset procedure has been successful.

If you do not see the flashing light – repeat the procedure.  If after several attempts the procedure does not work – all indications at this point dictate the remote control is bad.